How it’s made

The site presents samples of Textile art.
Basically, the artworks consist of two layers (3D), the upper one of which is transparent – organza or crinoline, and the bottom one – the base – is usually filled with applique. Due to the fact that the upper layer is made of a transparent grid, the visual effect, as if the images are “floating in the air”.
All artworks are done with a needle and thread by hand. Stones, beads and other elements are sewn onto the fabric.
Materials used in the process of creation of presented artworks are mainly natural semiprecious stones, as well as beads of various shapes and sizes of metal, wood, glass, porcelain and others. Additional materials used are expensive silk fabrics from French designers from natural fibers, as well as fur, lace, nets, feathers and pearls.
Portraits (face) are performed separately and then sewn to the base fabric along with other artwork elements.
Technique of a portrait – overlaying small separate pieces of a fabric of corresponding color to a base what do forms on the effect of picturesque brushstrokes.
Making of a portrait (face) can take about a month or more.
Execution time for an entire artwork ranges from one month to five, depending on the complexity and size.
In presented photos you can see the stages of creation of the portrait.