Lyudmila Prespare-Lapandina (LPL) was born in Moscow, Russia and got an education as a Master of Fine Art. After graduation, before emigrating to the USA Lyudmila participated in many different art galleries and exhibitions in Moscow, her artworks originally listed at international exhibitions and for private collectors as well as for the museum of Contemporary Decorative Arts in Moscow.

In the USA Lyudmila worked as an assistant designer for women’s wear, participated in creation of collections for Fashion Show in NYC and for such stores as Saks 5th Avenue, Bloomingdale and others...

Based on traditional embroidery techniques the artist has developed new unconventional methods of work, perfectly combines old-quality of performing arts and innovative ideas of modern style. Original artworks feature a unique design, a rich combination of colors and shades, immaculate proportions and unique personalized execution. All artwork are created by hand with sewing by needle different kind of fabric, without painting.

Additional feature of the author in order to impart artwork healing effect is to use a magical power of Runes. The cost of portrait work with runes or without in this case does not change. This is the way for Lyudmila to use the opportunity to pay back for the gift of God.