Art studio Kenaz founded by Lyudmila Prespare-Lapandina (LPL).

The artist specializes on the creation of textile and beading arts. All artworks on our website are handcrafted and exist as a unique, original work and cannot be mass-produced. It is a work of museum quality presenting a fine example of contemporary Textile Art. There are many techniques involved in the creation of each of the artworks, such as embroidery, applique, beading with semi-precious stones and many others combined techniques.

The mastery of artist based on the ancient traditions of pictorial needlework which originates from the ancient iconography and decorative art of Byzantine Empire. Traditions and modernity, experience and ingenuity is the foundation of the creativity of LPL.

Kenaz Art Studio also specializes in a creation of personal portraits, examples of which can be found here (link to portraits). If you wish to order an individual portrait of you, or your loved ones, or other original artwork, you can contact an artist here (link to contact). Textile art is the exclusive and unique gift of highest quality.

The newest direction in LPL creativity is focusing on the creation of artworks containing images of Runes (link to runes description). These symbolical signs placed within artwork to attract desirable effects such as rehabilitation after illness, improved family relationships, help in business or commerce, the establishment of partnerships, and more… The uniqueness of LPL is that she possesses a degree of clairvoyance, knowledge, and experience which allows her, not only to apply runes, but also, most importantly, to create a contact with the Cosmic energies and forces of nature to activate them.