Short BIO

I was born in Moscow, Russia and obtained an education as a Master of Fine Art. Before immigrating to the USA I’ve participated in different art galleries in Moscow, my artworks originally listed at international exhibitions and for private collectors as well as for the museum of Contemporary Decorative Arts in Moscow.

Since 2001 I worked in the fashion industry (in NYC) as an assistant to woman’s wear fashion designer.

For several years I was involved in the creation of a collection for the fashion week in New York.

In 2013, during the practice of self-knowledge, I got acquainted with the runes (I met the runes) – symbolic signs that came from the depth of centuries. Through them I had an insight that I must return to textile art – my real destiny for the realization of God-given talent.

The artwork “It`s time to go” has become the basis of the studio Kenaz. Thanks to the runes on it, my creative energy has never dried up since.