Artist Statement

Why do I work with textiles?

Since the beginning of time, man produces textile. Like the second skin, it is always with us.

I obsessed with fabric!

I also love natural stones! When I hold semiprecious gems in my hands I experience unimaginable joy.

Both natural fabrics and stones contain the living energies of the earth. The artworks consisting of these materials are very energetic.

Is it not wonderful to work – when you feel the part of nature under your fingers? It’s also a pleasure to feel the energy emanating from the finished artwork. Such artworks are a way for meditation and restoring a person’s mental balance.

A daily meditative contemplation of such artworks affects a person bringing calmness and health to his life.

Tranquility, meditation and love – these are three sisters of mercy, they open the doors of the last orphanage for a tired soul.

Does the modern man have the time for his own soul?